Business rules

Modify and change your settings at any time without cost or intervention

Did you know…

That with LIBERO you are always in full control of your business rules?

What does that mean?

That means that you are in complete control and you are free to modify and change your settings at any time without cost or intervention.

We don’t mind if you want different rules for different branches of the same organisation.  LIBERO allows you this flexibility.

In fact, each library in a consortia is also able to modify and change their own business rules to suit their own organisation.  All whilst part of a larger consortia.

Does your library charge fees for overdues?  Fine by us (pardon the pun).  Does the other library in the consortia prefer not to fine?  That’s OK too.  Does each library have different loan periods?  A different budget?  That’s perfectly OK with us as LIBERO will allow each library to have their own business rule structure.

Do you want to have different barcode labels in all your consortia libraries – not a problem for LIBERO!  We can accept numerous barcode styles.

And anyone with the appropriate permission (as allocated by your Library Management) is able to make these changes.

No extra costs, no extra training accreditation required, and if you’re not sure and you need a hand just give us a call as we’re always here to help.

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