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LIBERO is a customisable technology solution to help overcome the daily challenges and realise long-term performance goals of any library. Law Libraries especially can benefit from the features outlined below and the efficiencies they bring.

Member Self Circulation

Loaning material is easily achieved by members having the ability to self-checkout items. This ensures that material can always be accurately located and for all members to know where all items are at any given period of time.

Issue reminder messages for items to be returned to a central location after a given period. A direct link in the SMS or email will enable the member to renew items immediately.

Libraries that are flexible with their lending periods, can configure the system to automatically renew the members’ loans under conditions you or your organisation define. Reservations can also be placed on items as required.

New Title Notification

Do your members have specific areas or topics that are of importance to them? And would you like to automatically alert them to new items as they become available?

You can easily link predefined templates or create custom profiles for a member’s area of interest. LIBERO will regularly notify them about any new titles or documents as they are added to the system. The awareness emails include a direct link to each new resource and members can modify profiles whenever their interests change.

Full-Text Search

The ability to do a full-text search is as simple as adding a document, Word or PDF or a PowerPoint presentation, and having it immediately fully indexed by LIBERO and immediately searchable in your WebOPAC. Very powerful.

Serials Management

LIBERO’s Serials package provides data workflows that simplify your serials management.

Take the guess work out by managing your subscription schedules with ease, pre-allocate due dates with routing templates and keep on top of claim enquiries with various maintenance tasks. Maintain binding check-in and check-out schedules to optimise maintenance processes and the availability of materials.

Increase your fund allocation with multilevel budget control and the ability to access up-to-the-minute fund/cost centre information as serials are ordered, received and paid for.

Information is quickly identified in LIBERO’s customisable displays for both staff management and patron viewing. Simple selections can be made for grouping selected titles in multiple configurations for ease of access and usability.

LIBERO provides the flexibility to cater for regular, ad-hoc and supplementary issues, individual titles, multi-component serials, multiple copies of issues and multiple title subscriptions.

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