Marshall Breeding Global Survey

“LIBERO’s reputation is that it is one of the best Live systems in Australia”

A global survey ran by Librarian figurehead, Marshall Breeding, cemented the rise of LIBERO in three major criteria including, support, functionality, and general satisfaction from library staff.

Marshall Breeding said that the results reflect a positive reputation LIBERO has established in Australia.

“LIBERO’s overall ratings in the survey reflect that it is one of the best regarded library management products in Australia,” said Marshall.

“Functionality that their libraries need is finite, the idea is more that companies like LIBERO have the right features. They know their market and as a result, create simplicity and elegance that make their customer happier.

“Companies like LIBERO who have a focus on their market, in this case public libraries, have a better chance in this survey, as their features match what their customers need.”

Mr Breeding also believes that hosting solutions such as LIBERO Cloud and improved digital integration with vendors is the next step for Library Management Systems.

“Digital analytics and digital downloads as well as hosting Cloud based solutions are becoming a larger portion of what libraries look for. The challenge now is the integration with vendors.”

See the full results of the Library Automation survey. 

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