Brand new LIBERO Digital Library features have emerged in the latest release of the web-based LIBERO LMS.

Combining discovery, multimedia and intuitive descriptor features, the first release of LIBERO Digital Library provides facilities to manage multiple related ‘attachment’ materials – including images, ebooks, audio and documents associated with any Item.

Any number of attachments may be presented to promote materials that are relevant, but may not have otherwise been discovered and to add context to a search term or an item for the library user.

“Librarians using LIBERO can now enrich search results with any number of related materials and make them discoverable to library users,” said Library Solutions Consultant, Carolyn Law.

“For instance, you can present photographs of a novelist, related reviews – and even artistic pieces inspired by the work in the search results for a book title. This immediately works to enrich the experience of a patron, who may not have previously understood these additional characteristics or context of the material until they find them in search results for an item at your library,” she said.

An intuitive workflow seamlessly uploads and/or links related items, and provides full control over how attachment items are presented to library users. Attachments may comprise of materials already in the library catalogue, from an organisational network or a local computer; updates to the Item Record and Search Results display in LIBERO are made in real-time.

LIBERO Digital Library also makes access to attachments, including eBooks, seamless. A menu of related attachments and a description of the material is available to scroll through before the user simply clicks to download it as their permissions allow – all from the Search Results or Item Details Screen.

“LIBERO’s Digital Library functions combine discovery, multimedia and contextual descriptor features to help librarians to cope with increases in digital content and the different formats or versions of an item that characterise today’s library,” said LIBERO’s Founder, Sam Patane.

“Now, LIBERO Libraries have the tools at their fingertips to present different versions of a single ‘concept’ and related items – even unpublished items or a public online forum – and to ‘push’ these to provide library users context and to improve the discoverability materials,” he said.

“Our Digital Library ‘Module’ will continue to evolve to include crowd-sourcing functions that allow our libraries to engage their users in the enrichment process. This includes features that will allow users to add descriptors to photos or items in the Local History Collection and improvements in reviews and ratings for Items,” he said.

The LIBERO Digital Library functionality will be presented at the upcoming Australian Law Librarians’ Association ALLA 2013 conference, Metropolitan Public Libraries’ SWITCH, Queensland Public Libraries and the upcoming annual National LIBERO User Group in Sydney in November.

“I look forward to rolling out further Digital Library features to the customer base very soon,” said Patane.

LIBERO’s Digital Library is available in Version 6.2.4 and provided to supported customers in the form of a minor upgrade this month.

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