LIBERO Development Group attendees will discuss the hot topic of ‘digital content’ in libraries at the upcoming Electronic Resource Management (ERM) “Dev Group” on the Gold Coast in November.

Chaired by LIBERO’s Founder and Director Sam Patane, the two-day meeting will unite a selection of the LIBERO Development Team and ‘power users’ from the customer base to flesh out ERM challenges and possible solutions.

“Dev Group provides our technical team a very valuable source of experience and perspective from the customer base. This ensures we effectively identify and distil the real problems encountered by librarians who are currently faced with with massive increases in electronic resource content required at libraries,” said Insight Informatics’ Development Coordinator, Anne Reading.

“Libraries are discovering that electronic resources such as eBooks have a very different ‘lifecycle’ to that of traditional items such as a hardcover novel and thus, management requirements are distinctly different,” she said.

“It is important that LIBERO provides librarians a simple and effective solution to manage all manner of their electronic content throughout the entire lifecycle in a single solution.”

Dev Group is a regular event hosted by Insight Informatics – the Brisbane-based company that develops and supports the LIBERO suite of specialist library management solutions used by 300-plus organisations worldwide.

The Development Group meeting forms a critical source of input into the LIBERO product roadmap. LIBERO’s UNO discovery layer is the result of a similar Development Group session held in 2010 designed to identify ways to improve the discoverability of library content for users.

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