Parkes Council software

Parkes Shire Council Library Service moving forward with LIBERO Cloud.

Insight Informatics is proud to announce that Parkes Shire Library Service has chosen LIBERO Cloud as its hosting service.

Parkes Shire Library Branch Manager, Andrea Lovell said, maintenance, confidence in LIBERO, and general direction of the technology world, were the biggest factors in the decision.

“Our IT Department eventually concurred as all computer-based applications are moving towards a cloud system, so moving to LIBERO Cloud is the next step for library software,” said Andrea.

“Maintenance of the system was also key. As creators of the LIBERO platform, Insight Informatics managing the system through immediate upgrades creates a stress-free environment.

Andrea says she can see the improvement already.

“Even in a testing environment, we already see the improvement in speed the system provides all our branches including: Peak Hill, Trundle, and Tullamore, which hosts our 24hour library service,” Andrea continued.

“I personally can’t wait to provide a more accessible and enjoyable online catalogue for our community.”

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