With a brand new range of Social Networking, Blogging and Web 2.0 features, LIBERO remains the most dynamic web-based LMS available to facilitate interactive, user-centric library services.

Rich social media and Library 2.0 functionalities are seamlessly integrated with the web-based LIBERO WebOPAC, providing library staff simple means to engage with members, promote events and facilitate interaction between users, the catalogue and content.

This includes integration with Social Networking tools such as facebook, Social News sites Digg and Reddit, and Bookmarking and Blogging tools such as Delicious, Twitter and Evernote.

Members can use LIBERO to ‘facebook Like’ resources, events or services to help promote the library to the local community. Users can use LIBERO to add websites, direct from the Search Results screen to their ‘StumbleUpon’ profile, or create a visually-compelling clips and quotes of content via the innovative ‘Curate.Us’ widget.

“LIBERO’s Library 2.0 functionality is all about providing simple and flexible means of interaction between members and content, services and other users to enrich the library experience for users,” said Ben Cronin, of LIBERO.

LIBERO’s new range of Web 2.0 widgets and services are also available with the application’s fully-integrated Federated Search tool, LIBERO Uno.

“By facilitating a personalised interaction with every facet of the library service, content and ‘like’ people anytime anywhere, LIBERO libraries maintain relevance with today’s library member. They also simultaneously enhance user satisfaction, circulation and membership statistics by facilitating a simple and user-friendly ‘user-centric’ service.”

“Not only that, but these resources also offer staff fantastic viral marketing tools, means to gain insight into their users and share content with fellow libraries and institutions,” said Cronin.

LIBERO also offers integration with a range of catalogue enrichment tools and specialist interactive content that allows library users to connect with readers with similar tastes, crawl ‘across’ the catalogue to find similar authors or titles and interact with content in new ways.

“Without a background in IT, library staff can selectively implement the very latest social networking and collaborative tools via LIBERO,” said Cronin.

“It’s all about continually providing the right tools to help LIBERO libraries attract membership, enhance services and engage users in the depth and breadth of the library catalogue,” he said.

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