LIBERO Beta Test Site Report by Riverina Regional Library 2016

Current Release – 6.3.3 sp6 ( 21 Oct 2016)

The past 12 months has been another extremely hectic year for Riverina Regional Library.

Since the last User Group we have loaded 8 new releases for Beta testing. There have been minimal problems with bugs in the new releases and significant enhancements and functionality has been added. Any bugs have been minor and rectified quickly.

The Libero Trac facility continues to be a great tool for the logging of bugs, workflow improvements and quality control issues, and also for keeping track of progress on the issues that have been logged. We added 60 new logs in Trac since last User Group, the majority being queries and enhancement suggestions. It was good to see that a high percentage of logs currently have a status of either “Done” or “No Work Needed”.
Special thanks must go to Anne and Wendy (on the other end of the Libero Trac) for their marvelous assistance, knowledge and perseverance.

There have been many development/product improvements during the past 12 months as well as existing functionality that we have started to use. Major highlights have been:

Running eMessaging, Reservation Reminders, Overdue reminders, Courtesy Reminders and Re-Registration Reminders as scheduled processes

Online member registration and re-registration developments

Use of item exception code progression to manage accounts and lost items

Overall, we continue to find our Beta testing role to be an exciting and rewarding experience (but we’re glad it’s being shared by other sites as well). We are continually discovering new areas of functionality and really appreciate the flexibility and intuitiveness of the system.

The responsiveness, resourcefulness, productivity and patience of all the Insight support staff has been exceptional during the past 12 months.

Brian Plummer