The market leading library solution for NSW Public Libraries, LIBERO will be showcased at this year’s Metropolitan Public Libraries Association (MPLA) conference in November.

With potential for amalgamation creating uncertainty for many New South Wales councils and libraries, LIBERO will present opportunity for delegates to future-proof their services.

LIBERO’s unique Union Database feature provides means for libraries to selectively share resources without any sacrifice to local control. LIBERO’s fully-integrated discovery layer, UNO, which can connect different library catalogues, as well as other content sources regardless of their underlying LMS or location, will also be on display.

“When it comes to the needs of New South Wales public libraries, there’s no other Australian vendor with our innovation, our relationships or our experience,” said LIBERO’s founder and Director, Sam Patane.

“Since our very first customer in the ‘80’s, we’ve been helping New South Wales public libraries to thrive in times of change,” he said.

Over 25 years ago Patane built a custom library system for Mid North Coast Library Co-Op and subsequently founded LIBERO. Since, LIBERO has grown to provide libraries with unrivalled functional flexibility in the web-based environment, and become the market leader in New South Wales Public Libraries, serving more than a third of the state’s services.

Today, the LIBERO product range includes customisable LMS, single-point discovery solutions and mobile applications, cloud services, consultation, training and local support.

Mid North Coast Library Co-Op remains among a customer base of more than 130 public library branches across the state, who work collaboratively with LIBERO’s product and development teams via regular Development and User Group Meetings.

“We’re very proud of our heritage and ongoing involvement with New South Wales public libraries, and the resilience of our customers as a result of our collaboration,” said Sam.

“Through our technology, LIBERO Libraries have remained flexible, and in control in times of flux: for almost three decades, they’ve remained innovators, resilient to external forces such as amalgamations and the introduction of RDA,” he said.

“We’re excited at the opportunity to present LIBERO to MPLA delegates in Sydney because LIBERO is uniquely positioned to support the local community needs of every New South Wales public library and the objectives of State Government – no matter what shape it may take in the future.”

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