creole, LIBERO welcomes Creole Institute in Seychelles to the LIBERO Family!

Lenstiti Kreol is a small institution in the Seychelles which specialises in the development and standardisation of the Seychellois Creole language and also publishes Creole books to promote the language.

The Creole Institute has a small library with a specialised library service and has recently been mandated to have collections of works dealing with creole language within the Indian Ocean region as well as
the Caribbean. They currently have two library staff and intend to recruit more staff in the future.


The Creole Institute’s library provides information services to the Creole Institute’s staff
itself as well as members of the public, students and researchers alike.

Lenstiti Kreol now takes advantage of LIBERO’s Cloud based system giving their clients access to an online catalogue as well as providing access to digital resources via the internet.

Although predominantly web based LIBERO has the flexibility to provide for the unique needs of any library no matter its size. LIBERO’s suite of fully-integrated modules deliver all resources required to maximise your staff productivity, customer satisfaction, and deliver value to your library users.

LIBERO’s philosophy is one of continual incremental improvement. We understand that we exist in a fast paced environment where the only constant is change and have built LIBERO around an agile framework which has allowed us to harness technology with ease and thus provide The Creole Institute with a tailored solution to meet their specialised needs.

From the whole team at LIBERO HQ we welcome Lenstiti Kreol to the LIBERO Family!

Understandably virtually the entire team are eagerly trying to come up with any reason to do a site visit to this beautiful location.

If you are a special library looking for a tailored solution our customisable technology solutions, coupled with our database open door policy, have been developed to easily overcome challenges, budget or technical constraints, and to realise long-term performance goals, regardless of the size, structure, or specialisation of any environment.

Contact one of our helpful team members today to learn more: contact us

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