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One System – All Types of Material

When Isaac Libraries embarked on a search for a new library management solution, they looked for a system that could also manage their local history and museum collections, and LIBERO provided just that.

“We needed one system that could handle all the different material types, different ways of presenting those and preferably keep material from one area separate to the other. For this purpose, we created a criteria catalogue, and LIBERO was the system with the best outcome both library and museum for our needs,” reveals Corinna Baerhold, Digital Programs Officer at Isaac Libraries.

Isaac Libraries have two databases with LIBERO, one for the library and one for the museum. Having this in place enables the library to view material in an appropriate format, as books require different MARC records than, for example, a sewing machine.

Corinna Baerhold notes,

“Managing all collection items within one system means a more streamlined access to the collection for end-users and less training and handling for staff.”

No Storage Issues or Upload Constraints

When it comes to preserving and making museum collections accessible, storage space also plays a crucial role. While library collections require little storage space, museum collections can take up a vast amount. With LIBERO, libraries, museums, galleries or archives have no storage space restrictions or upload limitations.

“LIBERO allows us to add space as needed,” comments Corinna.

, Isaac Libraries Choose LIBERO to Showcase Their Cultural Heritage and Digital Collections

“Cataloguing Freedom”

LIBERO has implemented over 450 library systems since its start of business in 1985. Based on over 35 years of experience in all library sectors, LIBERO has one of the best training and support systems in place.

Corinna remarks,

“LIBERO has made the data migration for the library collection very easy, with a detailed project plan and early information roll out on what is needed. For the museum collection, we decided to start fresh. The cataloguing that had happened previously was less optimal as the previous system did not allow us ‘cataloguing freedom’ and dictated a lot of parameters. In LIBERO, we can freely decide how material types and items will be catalogued and displayed.”

Customisable Online Catalogue

LIBERO pride itself in offering an all-inclusive and worry-free solution. We are one of the most flexible systems on the market and can seamlessly adapt to your library’s needs. Libraries can design and style their online catalogue with our help.

“LIBERO has made a lot of adjustments for us as we had a clear idea of what we wanted the Museum WebOPAC to look like. This allowed us to incorporate custom pages with our own input in the feel and design of the WebOPAC,” adds Corinna.

One Single Level of Premium Support

She continues,

We were also supported on how we could go forward with certain collections. There is always someone to talk to when something does not turn out the way you want it to be.”

, Isaac Libraries Choose LIBERO to Showcase Their Cultural Heritage and Digital Collections

Packed with Countless Features

Isaac Digital Collections display cultural heritage in a more engaging way and transport people back into the past so they can explore topics like their family history. LIBERO facilitates the development of these usable digital collections for both the present and future generations. Our digital material management solution not only offers you considerable advantages but will also inspire your visitors.

“From a back-of-house perspective, we like the cataloguing component, the custom pages, the several ways pictures can be attached, and the possibility that material can be hidden if necessary.

From a customer point of view, we can pre-set searches as collections so library users can access new collections more easily, like the inclusion of featured exhibitions. We also like that documents (e.g., PDF’s) added to an online catalogue are immediately indexed and fully searchable throughout the text and the possibility to embed google maps, listing historical locations in the region,” highlights Corinna.

Preservation and Access

Museums such as Isaac Digital Collection play a vital role in protecting cultural heritage, preserving and curating valuable artefacts for public access and education. With LIBERO, libraries can manage their collections, preserve heritage, broaden knowledge and increase community engagement.

Corinna points out,

“Preserving our past is one aspect, but it is also important to make the material where possible available to the public. We are not the only council struggling with digitisation, having paper collections disintegrate before anyone could digitise or even evaluate them. If we do not preserve it and make it available, who will.”

, Isaac Libraries Choose LIBERO to Showcase Their Cultural Heritage and Digital Collections

Open Your Doors to the World With LIBERO

To date, Isaac Digital Collections have 1149 museum items catalogued in LIBERO. And there are many more old maps, letters, images and objects awaiting digitisation and cataloguing. The catalogue will eventually include photographs, books, local newspapers, oral histories, various objects (3D images) and many more.

LIBERO helps Isaac Digital Collections in making local and cultural treasures and findings available to the community. Things like oral histories or historic photographs capture the essence of Isaac’s community, and with LIBERO, they can share these important stories.

“The museum staff has been happy with the new system and is madly cataloguing and digitising material for their first WebOPAC.” Corinna Baerhold, Digital Programs Officer

To access Isaac Digital Collections and browse the museum for yourself, please click here.

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