International sites use LIBERO

Libraries across the world using LIBERO’s Version 6, can now upgrade their systems to LIBERO Cloud.

LIBERO Cloud means libraries can now store their data in an off-site server, which provides significant benefits including full maintenance and security of your data.

LIBERO is now being used in Europe, Africa, and United Arab Emirates.

Extensive modifications and enhancements have been incorporated into these upgrades and include eMessaging, customisable online membership and registration forms, and improved security for administration roles and library resources, and much more.

Insight Informatics Director, Sam Patane, says LIBERO Cloud provides automatic daily upgrades, giving the library the best possible product.

“Your data will be automatically maintained, monitored, and managed within the system including all upgrades without having to close the facility. Your data is securely backed up nightly and with offsite replication,” said Sam.

“Our policy has always been to continually push incremental improvement.  We maintain a policy of upward compatibility to ensure that where possible, no existing customer is disadvantaged with any of our LIBERO upgrades.

“We use agile methodologies to ensure that features and functionality improvements are available to our customers immediately rather than long term version releases.

“This means libraries all over the world, whether they are public, education based, or private, have the most recent enhancements immediately on completion and do not need the added costs of training, like you would if it was a major release package.

“Libraries across the world have been using LIBERO for many years.

“LIBERO Version 6 is the platform needed to take full advantage of LIBERO Cloud.”

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