Corporate Library, How can your corporate library demonstrate its value?

If you are lucky enough to have an in-house corporate library, you will know the benefits it provides across all departments and that it provides significant value through its resources and services. However, in today’s unpredictable business climate there is growing pressure for corporate libraries to prove the worth of the information and services they provide. Sceptics may say that it can all be found on the internet 

So how can librarians in a corporate library prove their value. 

  • Use their skills to the maximum – demonstrate the foundations of library sciences, including information collection, organization, evaluation, and delivery. 
  • Deliver the right information when the employee needs it the most. This involves an in-depth understanding of the company and each of its departments. 
  • Anticipate upcoming needs. Librarians should speak regularly with management about upcoming projects. This will allow librarians to prepare the necessary information ahead of time and prove the importance of the resources and services provided by the library. 
  • Meet with end users. To ensure that resources are being used effectively, librarians should find creative ways to demonstrate the information that is provided for each department, and facilitate better use of the content resources the library offers 

Your corporate librarian or knowledge manager will no doubt have many roles, they are probably spreading themselves thin across those roles, for example – 

  • Work with corporate information. 
  • Provide specialised information services.  
  • Manage internal resources. 
  • Offer programs that benefit your organisation. 
  • Develop strategies for capturing and sharing corporate knowledge. 

It’s quite clear that corporate librarians must be able to do more with less – fewer personnel, limited collections, and inadequate technology  

Given the challenges and company sceptics Libero’s Library Services Platform can certainly assist Corporate Libraries with organisational activities by providing functionalities developed precisely for the industry going beyond the classic capabilities of circulation, cataloguing and acquisitions. 

  • Boost Staff Self-Circulation. Spend your time on more critical tasks and give library users the responsibility of circulation. Self-checkouts and reminder messages simplify the circulation process. 
  • One-Person Library Friendly. No matter how many staff manage your system, help is (literally) at your fingertips with the Libero Exchange Portal. 
  • Effortless Reporting. Analyse data by creating individual reports that give you the insights you need to convince decision-makers: valuable and credible resources for library staff and insightful reports for senior management. 
  • Streamline the Management of Your Serials. Create prediction patterns to streamline check-in and claiming. Distribute specific issues to selected library users through routing templates. Plus, apply multi-level budget control to allocate costs to specific departments for multiple copies of a serial. 
  • Keep Staff Up to Date. Send automated notifications to library users when new resources that meet their specialised interests are available. 
  • Permanent Loans. Allow library users to hold items permanently or for a specified time at their desk or home. And at the same time locate items when they are needed. 

“We are very pleased with Libero. The system works seamlessly, and the Libero staff in particular are always very accommodating and helpful. We value the prompt support, which is possible due to the Libero Support staff operating out of Australia. This was a key aspect we were looking for when searching for a new library system.”  Sport Australia 

Interested in discovering more about how Libero can deliver benefits for your corporate library? Download our brochure or contact our team of experts to book a consultation

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