, Highlights from the Knosys Libero User Group Conference 2023

On September 12th, 2023, Libero customers came together from across Australia and met in Sydney for the Knosys Libero User Group Conference. This event provided a platform for Libero customers to be updated on all the latest features, network with peers and industry suppliers, gain insights into library trends, and meet the Knosys Libero team.

Staying Relevant with Libero’s Developments

One of the most important aspects of the conference was sharing exciting future developments for Libero. The new developments will enable libraries to stay at the forefront of technological advancements and ensure that they remain relevant in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. As Libero continues to evolve, users are provided with what they need to adapt to the changing needs of their members and communities.

Learning from Industry Experts

Attendees also had the opportunity to hear from industry expert Kevin Hennah, who shared valuable insights into how libraries can remain relevant in the digital age. His insights left attendees inspired and armed with practical ideas to implement in their own libraries.

, Highlights from the Knosys Libero User Group Conference 2023

Celebrating Excellence: The Knosys Libero Library Awards Dinner

The second part of the conference, was the inaugural Knosys Libero Library Awards Dinner, recognising outstanding achievements within the library community.

The Richmond Upper Clarence Regional Library was the proud recipient of the Knosys Libero Diversity & Inclusion Award 2023. Their outstanding achievement was in making a connection with a local history museum in one of their towns demonstrating inclusion and community engagement.

Woollahra Libraries walked away with the Knosys Libero Innovation Award 2023 for their impressive Google Books integration. This innovative approach to providing access to a vast digital library showcased the library’s commitment to embracing new technologies for the benefit of their members.

The Knosys Libero Design Award 2023 went to the Mid-North Coast Co-operative for their collaborative work with the Knosys Libero team in designing their new website. The integration of the WEBOPAC into their site header demonstrated a thoughtful and user-friendly approach to design.

The awards recognise libraries and teams dedicated to excellence, emphasising the pivotal role the Libero system plays in enabling their achievements.

, Highlights from the Knosys Libero User Group Conference 2023

In Conclusion

Providing valuable updates, insights, and networking opportunities, attendees learned about upcoming Libero developments, gained practical advice from industry experts, and celebrated library excellence at the Knosys Libero Library Awards Dinner. This conference equipped the Libero Users with practical insights to keep libraries relevant and innovative in the digital age and Knosys looks forward to an even bigger conference in 2024.


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