Heinsberg Public Library Goes Live on LIBERO Cloud

With LIBERO Clouds hosted infrastructure, libraries can save themselves any IT worries and costs and benefit from several advantages, such as instant upgrades.

We spoke to Mr Sonntag from Heinsberg Public Library and asked him a few questions about how the switch to the LIBERO Cloud went for the library and why he would also recommend other libraries to make the switch.

Why did you decide to switch to LIBERO Cloud?

We in Heinsberg had already been using LIBERO for many years. With the discontinuation of the German distributor, our public library was suddenly faced with the option of either switching to a completely new system or choosing the cloud version of LIBERO – which we decided on not only because of the extremely favourable cost in comparison but also because we have always appreciated the advantages of this system, which we now use in the latest version.

How was the cooperation with the LIBERO team? How did you perceive the migration?

If there weren’t any additional functionalities that were new and practical for us, our staff would hardly have noticed the changeover to the LIBERO Cloud. Since we know the system inside out, there was no need for time-consuming and labour-intensive staff training, which, as you can imagine, we were not unhappy about. The data migration to the new system went smoothly almost overnight, enabling us to resume operations immediately without any closing day as if nothing had happened.

Which LIBERO Cloud functions are you particularly excited about?

I like to highlight the WebOPAC. Communication with members has reached a whole new level of service for our library thanks to the new functions such as e-payment. By switching to the LIBERO Cloud, we were also able to start with Onleihe.

What would you recommend to libraries considering a switch to LIBERO Cloud?

I would recommend it at any time! We in Heinsberg have certainly not regretted our choice. The German-speaking support is first-class, data security is guaranteed, and the system fulfils all wishes.

If you would like to know more about our cloud-hosted product or are thinking about switching to LIBERO Cloud, please contact our project manager Bettina Schels at bettina@libero.com.au.

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