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We have talked about the democratisation of data, the formation of the ” transparent member”, Artificial Intelligence and digitisation in our previous blog posts. You can read the stories here.

Trend 1: The democratisation of data – The Transparent Member

Trend 2: Artificial Intelligence – AI or the Intelligent Library

Trend 3: Digitisation – Stay in the Competition

Today we discuss the importance of clear guidelines for transparency and governance practices and address a trend that has been at the top of the international agenda for some years: Sustainability.

Trend 4: Transparency and Governance – The Library as Recipient and Provider of Technology

In a world where rapid technological advancement and innovation go hand in hand, organisations need clear guidelines for transparency and governance practices.

For example, in Germany, a country with the strictest data protection laws, the use of AI is still seen as critical. It is not for nothing that automatic facial recognition and other AI applications are banned at the supranational level of the EU. What does this mean for the library of the future? Are technology trends and innovations per se a bad thing? The answer is clearly no!

Legislative control is important and right because it helps the end-user to make the right decision for the right product and build trust.

Another factor that plays a crucial role in building trust in technology is transparency. Not just tech and software providers have to face the critical questions of users but also organisations who utilise technology.

The Library as Recipient and Provider of Technology

The library of the future, is on the one hand, a customer of technology providers and on the other hand, it must face the critical eyes of society and legislation as a provider of innovative technology.

A close relationship with technology providers and clear information on data protection and its control makes it easier for libraries to choose the right provider.

Knosys’ Libero has the strictest physical data security standards and fulfils the strictest privacy regulations, complying with the Australian Privacy Act and the GDPR in the EU.

Trend 5: Sustainability – Discovering New Ways

One trend that has been at the top of the international agenda for several years is sustainability.

Sustainable actions have not only found their way into our everyday lives, companies and organisations have also understood that they too can make an important contribution.

Several initiatives and groups in the international library sector are concerned with building a “green library”.

Be it a group of users and volunteers tending to bug hotels on the library campus, or a working group of librarians pursuing sustainable library practices such as zero-waste, there are no limits to creativity and the way to get there to a CO2-neutral library is no longer a dream of the future.

What practices have proven to be helpful vehicles for sustainable change in your library? What challenges and opportunities do you see yourself facing? Share your thoughts with us.

Libero supports libraries in developing the library of the future

Libero is actively supporting libraries in developing the library of the future. A library that not only continues to provide access to information but also has the latest technology to remain relevant and meet the needs of an ever-evolving world.

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