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Like many organisations, libraries face new challenges in 2022. The pandemic seems to be almost overcome, and now it is time to reflect and evaluate which strategies and measures will stay with us post-Covid. The technological progress that has accompanied us through the home office and lockdown also shows us how we can prepare for the future.

Over the coming weeks, we will be discussing 5 hot library trends which are essential for the library of the future. Today’s first trend is the democratisation of data.

Trend 1: The democratisation of data – The Transparent Member

The democratisation of data in its original sense describes how data or information is made accessible to people. The aim is to reach those who would not have been able to access this data under other circumstances. Historically, information was only available to a select elite for many centuries.

The democratisation of data in libraries

In modern times, factors such as socio-economic background, gender, and identity play a crucial role in the democratisation of data. They are often decisive in determining how much of what kind of information can be obtained.

Libraries are already practising this kind of democratisation of data. The availability of knowledge for the whole of society and the inclusion of alternatives to guarantee accessibility have long been part of everyday library life online, just as in “real life”. But with increasing digitalisation and the almost infinite possibilities of smart devices (and the data they bring with them), the term democratisation of data takes on a new connotation.

The person as a “data set”

The person as a “data set” to be analysed is now coming into the focus of companies and organisations. What is already common practice with other providers such as Amazon, Google, Facebook, and others, namely the constant storage and analysis of personal data, will also become indispensable for the library of the future.

Through the democratisation of data, the former library visitor will become a “transparent member” and present libraries with new challenges but also opportunities in dealing with data.

Libero supports libraries in developing the library of the future

Libero is actively supporting libraries in developing the library of the future. A library that not only continues to provide access to information but also has the latest technology to remain relevant and meet the needs of an ever-evolving world.

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