The first episodes to LIBERO’s new LIBERO TV are set to begin on March 1, 2018. The first shows will include:

  • Life SupportGetting involved in LIBERO Exchange1 March
  • In DevelopmentRecently released features you may have missed – 5 April
  • Brand DesignsWant to do more with your WebOPAC? – 3 May

In 2017, LIBERO announced its new, live streamed online service to improve customers’ user experience, showcase the latest features, and invite industry experts and customer views.

LIBERO TV will be hosted via LIBERO’s YouTube channel and will be available on Catch up for those who can’t make the planned time.

Tailored shows will benefit library staff across the team such as cataloguing, IT, and development.

A live stream allows the viewer to interact directly with LIBERO Teams through interactive chats and comment areas.

To get involved in LIBERO TV:

  1. Sign in to Youtube with your google account
  2. Subscribe to the LIBERO TV Channel
  3. Enable notifications to be informed when we are going live
  4. Check the TV Schedule to subscribe to the show up to two weeks before the show.

Note: Links from the LIBERO TV page will direct you to the LIBERO Exchange page to keep this a customer only experience. If you are not currently registered, contact

Links to each show will be available two weeks prior to the show time.

Have something specific you want us to show? Email your ideas into

LIBERO TV Schedule

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