Relevance Search

Relevance Search

Can your customers find all the information that they are looking for?

LIBERO’s hosted solution provides a contemporary level of search that will enable access to the catalogue via the standard WebOPAC or via BYOT devices. Whether you are searching your WebOPAC or your staff catalogue LIBERO’s Relevance Search function will always find the result that you’re looking for.

Access from all devices

Whether you want to access information from your social media or your smartphone, tablet or laptop LIBERO will provide you and your customers with access to the information effortlessly.

‘Google like’ searching

LIBERO has extendable ‘google like’ searching that finds the best hit. Did you type in Hairy Porter? LIBERO will broaden your search intuitively and will find Harry Potter and then Hairy MacLary followed by Hal Porter and display them in the order of relevance.

LIBERO delivering fully-integrated, real-time library management solutions.

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