Despite declining numbers in the circulation of printed material and the increase of digital material, lending of printed material continues to play a central aspect in libraries. Nowadays, automatic identification and data capture devices, such as RFID, are an integral technology asset in libraries and greatly simplify circulation. Therefore, it is also imperative that RFID devices and the respective library management systems interact with one another to accelerate library processes and optimise workflows.

Use RFID Capabilities More Effectively

Libero is fully compatible with RFID devices through a SIP2 connection. And with the latest enhancements implemented by the Libero development team, libraries can now take full advantage of the functionality of their RFID devices.

Let’s say you are conducting a stocktake and want to locate all the books and materials currently listed as lost or missing from the shelf to see if they may have been misplaced and are on another shelf. So you take your RFID device to locate the missing books and find that the books were just misplaced, and return them to the correct bookshelf. Generally, you would now manually change the status of each book in Libero to indicate that the book is now available to loan again. However, with the recent improvement we made, this step is no longer necessary.

Automatic Status Updates

The status in Libero is now automatically reset to “Normal”. And you do not have to make any further changes. The book will be ready for loan again immediately.

With this enhancement, libraries can now use their RFID wands more effectively and verify stock with ease, ensuring that item statuses are always up to date. It also makes it easier for library staff to obtain a complete record of holdings. Library workflows are thus further streamlined and allow for much more efficient work.

If you are interested in finding out more about how Libero integrates with RFID devices or have questions about the above enhancement, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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