, Empowering Staff and Members with a Libero 6 Library Management System  

A Library Management System (LMS) is critical not only in delivering efficiencies across operations and staff, but it’s also now more important than ever in helping future-proof libraries as they adapt to the evolving member-library relationship, enhancing both staff productivity and member satisfaction. There are many things that the best in LMS software can deliver, and below we take a closer look at 3 key areas for how an LMS elevates staff and member experience for libraries. 

 1. Improved productivity

A leading-edge LMS, like Libero 6 by Knosys, streamlines tasks and processes, making your library more effective and efficient. The automation of library activities, easy returns, and hassle-free search saves time for both library staff and members. Additionally, library members do not need to queue to return or collect their library items. 

With the help of an LMS, library staff improve productivity with the day-to-day operations of the library managed within the software. As the system takes care of most of the work, your library staff can focus their attention on supporting members and the communities they play such a significant and important role in.  

“Managing all collection items within one system means a more streamlined access to the collection for end-users and less training and handling for staff.”

Isaac Libraries. 

2. Enhanced member experiences 

An LMS allows members to access digital resources remotely, expanding reach to members who may not physically visit the library. This can also help attract new members and increase the use of digital collections.  

The LMS also embraces the user experience by providing self-service options, online reservations, and personalised recommendations. Expanding access to library resources for members increases the likelihood of members using library services, as well as potentially increasing members and library revenue.  

Members accessing their library through an LMS like Libero, can easily manage their account, plus check their borrowed items, renew loans, place holds, request latest items to be purchased, place interlibrary loan requests, and view fines, all from the comfort of their preferred device. This reduces the need for in-person visits and empowers members to take control of their interactions with the library.  

Integrating the LMS seamlessly with existing systems e.g., providers of digital library services, is a key factor in ensuring that software provides a broad experience. Members can work within their familiar environments and can leverage the features and capabilities of the integrated software.  

“We love the fact that Libero can integrate with third-party products. The fact that it can integrate with our RFID system, our Monitor system as well as applications such as OverDrive and BorrowBox and so many more is a huge plus for us and our public.”

Waverley Library

3. Enable data-driven decision-making

A good LMS generates valuable data, insights and analytics on library usage and trends. This data can be used to make informed decisions about resource allocation, collection development, and member engagement strategies, leading to cost-effective decisions. Libraries can allocate resources more effectively by investing in materials that are in high demand and retiring items with low circulation. 

Libero 6 integrated reports provide a comprehensive business intelligence solution, giving library staff the capability to tailor and run reports to suit their specific requirements effectively. It transforms data into meaningful information that the library can use to make appropriate decisions about its operations. 

Libero 6 by Knosys not only streamlines administrative tasks but also enhances the overall library experience for both staff and members.

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