No fees, no limits – eLearn the LIBERO way

LIBERO’s online, video eLearning resource is the perfect way to complement LIBERO’s existing training and support capabilities.

Our intention is to provide as much free information as possible to maximise the benefits and use of LIBERO for your staff and library users.

Learning in an online environment is ideal.  Statistics show that you can only retain about 30% of what you see and hear so being able to watch and listen whenever you need to, will greatly improve retention.

“We encourage our customers to use all the tools available to maximise the benefits of LIBERO”, said our Customer Services Manager Selena Johns.

“Our free eLearning videos are designed with that in mind and we will also record our training sessions to ensure our customers can go back again and again, without limits, and review anything that they might have forgotten. We want to encourage the best use of LIBERO possible”

eLearning videos provide:

*Unrestricted access – watch whenever you want, as many times as you want

* 24/7 availability – If you are logged into LIBERO, you have full access to online help and videos

*Access for every staff member

The latest videos released include:

  1. Embedding the WebOPAC in Facebook
  2. Cataloguing YouTube Video Clips
  3. WebOPAC Can’t Wait Links to Suppliers
  4. Introduction to LIBERO

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