LIBERO Statement on COVID-19

In light of the COVID-19 situation worldwide, Insight Informatics is working to ensure continuous support for our customers, protect the health of our employees, and minimize the spread of this infection within our community.

Our Policy

We are and for many years have been a decentralised company with nearly 70% of our employees already working remotely. As at Tuesday 17th March 2020, all employees are working remotely. All non-essential business travel has been cancelled until further notice and our Brisbane office is now closed with fortnightly reviews of the situation.

Customer Maintenance and Support

The services provided by our customers to their communities and patrons will be even more important with the restriction of movement where we expect an increase in supply of e-material and other non-physical materials and management of systems and processes for materials that are already in circulation. Our Customer Services team remain committed to serving the distinct needs of our libraries and our Insight Worldwide Maintenance personnel remain at your service. It is business as usual for LIBERO staff via our LIBERO Exchange Customer Portal or email to:

Our Employees

Our employees are our greatest resource, and we are constantly evaluating how best to protect their health. We have excellent systems in place to allow employees to work remotely, whilst still being in contact using videoconference and other internet-based communication methods. Within Australia we have employees spread over some 3,000+ kilometres between Melbourne to the Queensland Sunshine Coast and Internationally staff work out of Portugal and Moscow. For us it is business as usual.

Our Clients, Community and Events

We are following government and World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines and being vigilant about signs of illness. These efforts focus not only on protecting our employees, but also our community and clients. With regret we have cancelled our forthcoming Development Group meeting, normally held at the Gold Coast and will continue to monitor the situation for decisions on our annual User Group meetings. We have also cancelled our planned library visits to our German and Australian customers and are reviewing the situation monthly. Our staff are currently investigating ways of presenting events, leveraging our online learning methods in a similar manner as we broadcast our LIBERO TV episodes.

Preparations for Back to Normal

There will be a significant workload once all returns to normality after this intense period, and our staff are already laying plans for requirements and support of our customers when our systems can return to normal operation.

We are Open for Business

We are open for business – just not at the office. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at

Our thoughts are with all our customers and partners, and we hope that you and those close to you are safe and well.