Why Libero?

Choosing Libero

Supporting the library of the future.

What Sets Us Apart

With Libero, a solution by Knosys, you can be confident of elevating the experience
of your library for members and staff.

Your all-in-one library management system is further assured for success with our expertise, support, software performance and reliability.

Performance & Reliability

Uptime of 99.9% meaning minimal offline circulation required, managed backups, disaster recovery, continuous integration and deployment. Over 10 million items are able to be stored with Libero. From small to large libraries, there is no need to worry about storage capacity.


Supporting and elevating the library experience for over 35 years, we have worked with all types of libraries and understand the evolving needs for both staff and the communities they serve.

Control & Scalability

Our single-tenanted approach ensures that each library enjoys a dedicated and isolated instance, translating to an unparalleled level of security and data privacy. This exclusive environment offers predictability in performance, scalability that aligns with individualized requirements, and a seamless integration process.


Protect sensitive and confidential information with data encryption and meet standards and compliance requirements.


A number of support options are available from self help, online tutorials with Libero TV and our highly experienced locally based, global team.


Your feedback is important to us, with user groups, online chats and the opportunity to provide feedback for future Libero development.

Libero integrates with various technology partners based on customers’ needs. Learn more about our partners here.

Supporting over 2,500 licensed users globally

Contact us and start elevating the library experience with Libero today.