Why Libero?

Why Libero?

Developing the library of the future.

Together We Can Make a Difference

What Sets Us Apart?

For the past 35 years, Libero has grown dramatically both organically and through consumer demand. Developed by librarians and industry experts, Libero is the all-in-one library services platform for public, academic, corporate and special libraries.

Work for LIBERO

A Single Level of Premium Support

Libero has a single level of Premium support that encompasses all. You will not need to upgrade to higher levels of support for improved service or additional services. Our customer support team has a very clear purpose – to prevent and solve problems and delight our customers.

Lower Long-Term Operating Expenses

We can offer our customers considerable savings in license fees for new operating versions because of our continual, step-by-step developments.

LIBERO - lower long-term expenses
LIBERO customer-driven development

Customer-Driven Development

We give you the ability to contribute to product direction and software development. It is not enough to only satisfy you and your staff; we bring your voices into R&D so that you can participate in product development from the earliest stages.

Customised Library Solutions

We provide a customised library services platform that easily overcomes challenges, budget and technical constraints. You decide what functionalities to include in Libero.

Customised library solution
LIBERO Library Management Solution Features

Libero Cloud Is Single-Tenanted

Every Libero customer has a single-tenanted environment, and this environment is always fast. Other providers often offer multi-tenant environments that share specific elements like CPU and memory, so your system's speed depends on what others are doing.

Your Data Is Safe With Us!

Libero Cloud has the strictest physical and data security standards and complies with the most stringent privacy regulations. Libero Cloud adheres to the Australian Privacy Act and the GDPR in the EU.

LIBERO Cloud Data Security

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Public libraries are community hubs and a place to learn and socialise. With this in mind, Libero offers one of the most popular LSP solutions in this sector.

  • Universities
  • Technical and Further Education (TAFE) Colleges
  • Private Training Establishments
  • Primary and Secondary Schools
  • Government libraries
  • Law libraries
  • Corporate libraries
  • NGO libraries
  • Health libraries

Any size of library!

  • Galleries
  • Museums
  • Archival Collections
  • Cultural Heritage

Protect, preserve and curate artefacts with Libero!

450+ Satisfied Users Worldwide

Libero delivering fully-integrated, real-time library management solutions.