Libero Online Symposium 2021

Libero Online Symposium

Next Chapter

1 - 2 December 2021

Exclusive for Libero Libraries

We are excited to announce that our esteemed symposium is back, bringing you the Next Chapter of Libero. Mark 1 and 2 December 2021 in your calendars! Our first Libero Online Symposium last year was a great success, and we are pleased to announce that the symposium will return this year with some new activities. We have a lot planned again and look forward to bringing all our users closer together once again.

Connecting organisations with information and people are at the core of our business. If the pandemic has shown us anything, it is how important it is for organisations to be connected to create an unequalled experience for users and that is why we are determined to end 2021 on a bright note by reconnecting all Libero libraries under the motto “Keeping you connected”.

Key Speakers

John Thompson Knosys

John Thompson

Knosys Managing Director
Introducing the Next Chapter of Knosys, Libero and our other collective brands.
Michael McQueen Speaker

Michael McQueen

Trends Expert & Author
Multi-award winning speaker, trend forecaster and bestselling author of 9 books.

Bettina & Viktoria

Guiding you through the Symposium and returning to the hosting desk in 2021.


Next Chapter Symposium Agenda

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