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We take pride in our people and culture and celebrate the talents, qualities, and valuable contributions of everyone at Libero. Our diverse team consists of qualified librarians and IT specialists who have many years of proven experience with library management systems.

While Libero's headquarters are in Australia, our people are decentralised and also present in the EU.

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Is it time to move away from your legacy Library Management System ?

Many libraries will still use legacy library management software. It may still function of sorts, but technology continuously moves on. New platforms and user expectations make it increasingly risky to hang on to your out-dated, custom built, or legacy library … Read More

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Leveraging a Library Management System [LMS] to deliver a total experience in the digital age

What is Total Experience (TX) for libraries? Total Experience (TX) aims to create an all-around experience for everyone interacting with your library. On the one hand, you have your library users, such as students researching, parents reading their first book … Read More

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Future Library Trends

Future Library Trends – And How They Impact the Library of the Future (Trends 4 and 5)

We have talked about the democratisation of data, the formation of the ” transparent member”, Artificial Intelligence and digitisation in our previous blog posts. You can read the stories here. Trend 1: The democratisation of data – The Transparent Member … Read More

Featured Post

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