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Knosys’ Libero – provides you with an all-in-one cloud-based solution for managing your library, your collections and interactions with your users. Renowned and valued in public, academic, corporate and special libraries, Libero is a powerful library services platform that brings all your resources together in a single system.

For more than 35 years, we have successfully supported the changing needs of libraries. We have empowered many major library projects, facilitated new information management services, helped overcome new challenges with smart technological progress and responded to changing customer service expectations.

It’s the reason Knosys acquired Libero in 2021, to add to its portfolio of SaaS software solutions designed to provide a reliable, fast, flexible, innovative, and secure solution to all libraries to enable you to harness state-of-the-art technologies and integrations that provide the greatest value.

Knosys’ cloud based solutions cater to providing a compelling, integrated and innovative solution by centralising everything that’s important to your Library. Supporting your Library needs, every day. 

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Industry-Leading Library Services Platform (LSP)

Libero's Customer Support Is One of the Best in the Industry

Libero's library software is not only packed with powerful features. It also comes with a world-class customer support team. We have unlimited assistance available, and it is for all requests, not just critical ones. We will attend to all questions within a quick timeframe!

Why LIBERO Library Management System?

What Sets Libero Apart From Other Solutions?

Developed by librarians and industry experts, Libero is the all-in-one library management solution for public, academic, corporate, and special libraries. Do you want to know what sets us apart from other LMS providers? Find out here.

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