Our Story

Our Story


LIBERO was founded by Managing Director Sam Patane in 1985. It is proudly Australian owned, with all products designed, developed and supported in Australia to service our many users worldwide.

LIBERO has grown dramatically both organically and through consumer demand over the last 35 years. Developed in close collaboration with librarians and industry specialists, LIBERO is always striving to be on the cutting edge of technology in the library management services arena. Our customisable technology solutions, coupled with our database open door policy, have been developed to easily overcome challenges, budget or technical constraints, and to realise long-term performance goals, regardless of the size, structure, or specialisation of any environment. Our ‘rolling upgrade strategy’ provides regular, incremental upgrades, to reduce the scale of any upgrade and deliver new functionality as it is available.

We continue to learn from our customers and develop products with solutions to streamline library operations and activities. We involve our customers in product development and remain actively involved in their technology strategy – even that ‘beyond’ library management system functionality. This empowers our customers to implement new initiatives, satisfy changing service demands and effect long-term strategy with ease. LIBERO customers benefit from our local, Australian-based Support Team and dedicated Help Desk.

Built from the ground-up to be entirely accessible through a web browser, each LIBERO solution has been developed to optimise flexibility for our libraries, minimise click-through and maximise the useability of information services for users. LIBERO interacts seamlessly with popular digital content enrichment services, is 100% web-based and mobile optimised, helping libraries worldwide navigate easily in the digital device arena. Continued product research and development leverages advantages offered by modern technology, and information management practice ensures LIBERO remains dynamic and relevant and functionally advanced.

LIBERO is more than a solution, it is THE solution for the Public, Special and Academic Library market, delivering excellent service, providing exceptional outcomes and building collaborative relationships with our customers. Our key objective at LIBERO is to grow beyond the role of a software vendor, to be a true technology partner to all libraries.

Our philosophy for the product has been one of continual incremental improvement. We understand that we exist in a fast paced environment where the only constant is change and have built LIBERO around an agile framework which has allowed us to harness new technology with ease.

LIBERO delivering fully-integrated, real-time library management solutions.

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