Chemnitz University Library

The Chemnitz University Library is the largest scientific and technical library in Western Saxony, Germany and thus also the centre of library services for this region. Founded in 1836, the library is open to the public, university staff and all those interested in scientific information.

The Chemnitz University Library has been a LIBERO user since 2002. They have been the first German library since June 2019 to be directly maintained and supported by the owners and developers of the LIBERO system Insight Informatics in Australia.

Angela Malz, Library Director at Chemnitz University Library, has been very impressed with the service her team has received from LIBERO.

“We have received excellent support from LIBERO so far, which we greatly appreciate,” Angela said.

Sam Patane, Managing Director of LIBERO, says that offering excellent customer service is an important part of LIBERO’s operations.

“It is vital to us that we make sure to provide the best support possible. We need to ensure that our clients worldwide are as satisfied as they can be,” Sam said.

LIBERO pride themselves in their unmatched customer support.

“Without our clients, we wouldn’t be here,” Sam continued.

Whether you are eager on self-help or exploring tips on features, need some advice on implementing a new feature or have a time-sensitive query, LIBERO’s Online Help Centre and support team are there to assist.

“LIBERO’s Online Help Centre offers you answers to many questions you may have about the software. It is an excellent tool which contains tips and tricks from the support team, online tutorials, product news and updates, reports written by LIBERO users, and much more,” Angela said.

“The ease of provisioning of upgrades and updates is another bonus. In addition, it is possible to have a detailed technical discussion with the savvy LIBERO team, which proved to be very successful on several occasions and facilitated the implementation of own ideas such as the consequent orientation towards Linux,” Holger Trapp said, System Administrator at Chemnitz University Library.

LIBERO’s Online Help Centre is a free site to use for clients, where they can find information on products and services in a single, centralised location.

Good customer service is the livelihood of any business.

“Our customer service team are product experts. Our job is to help clients get the most out of LIBERO and teach them everything there is to know about the software. LIBERO’s Online Help Centre is great for that, it helps clients to learn about new features, quickly resolve issues, and find answers to their questions,” Selena Johns said, Customer Services Manager at LIBERO.

LIBERO’s excellent customer service and development team are what sets them apart when people are looking into Library Management Systems for their library.

Sam Patane and his team are looking forward to continuing their strong relationship with Chemnitz University Library.

“We value the important relationship we have developed with Chemnitz University Library and are excited to continue our partnership well into the future,” Sam said.

Photography: TU Chemnitz / J. Müller

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