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LIBERO Omnio Is Open For Integration

  Library management systems today should no longer exist in isolation. Instead, they need to integrate with a choice of other components, both within the library’s technical infrastructure and beyond. Systems integration is a recurring topic in libraries. With increasing digitalisation and the ability to easily connect communities and give them the ability to access… View Article
LIBERO Omnio Member Services

New LIBERO Omnio Member Services Area features a digital library card, boosts member engagement and offers much more!

All-New Library Member Services Area LIBERO continues to keep its clients at the forefront of technology and launches an all-new library Member Services Area. An integral part of the LIBERO Omnio solution, this enhancement comes at no cost to clients and forms a central role in LIBERO’s progressive upgrade strategy for libraries. As digitalisation progresses,… View Article
LIBERO Omnio Smart Search

With LIBERO Omnio Smart Search, browsing the online catalogue will inspire people to discover more

  A pioneer in state-of-the-art library technology, LIBERO is now bringing you the next generation of Library Services Platforms. LIBERO Omnio Smart Search, a feature of the new flagship product LIBERO Omnio, leads the library management system industry. Open Access LIBERO Omnio is an Open Access content solution for discovering any print and digital collections… View Article

Are you Interested in Learning More About Reports?

We have had some feedback that people are interested in learning more about reports. In particular, Excel reports on the LIBERO database and scheduling reports for automatic data extracts. So, we’re asking if you’re interested in attending any of these sessions with us. Scheduling Reports Since we spoke about Scheduling Reports in LIBERO TV we’ve… View Article

LIBERO Supports the Latest Versions of Windows and Linux

In the 90’s Windows changed the world in a big way – the business world became reliant on the Windows platform. It made sense for LIBERO to be a fully Windows developed application. Most of the LIBERO sites worldwide run under Windows platforms and automatic install scripts and installation documentation is provided for Windows. Having… View Article

“My Precious…” Data Through Reports

Statistics don’t delight most people, but when it comes to managing your Library and your collection, they are important. We use data to decide what to include or discard from your collection, and whether eBooks are out-borrowing regular books, among many other things. That should make your statistics a treasured commodity. One of the quickest… View Article