Mid North Coast Co-operative Wins Libero Design Award 2023, highlighting the Power of the Vendor/Customer Partnership.

The Knosys Libero Design Award 2023 was this year awarded to the Mid North Coast Co-operative for their collaborative work with the Knosys Libero team in designing their new website. Enhancing the Member Experience We asked Gabby McDonald, Librarian at Mid North…
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Richmond-Upper Clarence Regional Library Wins Libero Diversity & Inclusion Award, Shining a Light on a Collaborative Partnership

Richmond-Upper Clarence Regional Library, winners of the 2023 Knosys Libero Diversity and Inclusion award, recently partnered with the Evans Head Living Museum. Their collaboration involved integrating the museum’s book collection into their library’s catalogue. This initiative aims to enhance visibility…
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Is it time to move away from your legacy Library Management System?

Many libraries will still use legacy library management software. It may still function of sorts, but technology continuously moves on. New platforms and user expectations make it increasingly risky to hang on to your outdated, custom built, or legacy library…
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Leveraging a Library Management System to deliver a total experience in the digital age

What is Total Experience (TX) for libraries? Total Experience (TX) aims to create an all-around experience for everyone interacting with your library. On the one hand, you have your library users, such as students researching, parents reading their first book…
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4 Reasons for choosing a cloud-based library management system

4 Reasons for choosing a cloud-based LMS

Researching library management systems [LMS] and wondering whether to go cloud or on-premise? Many libraries have a cloud-first or cloud-preferred strategy in place, though what this means between libraries can vary greatly … Read More
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BIBFRAME – What is it and how will it affect libraries? 

BIBFRAME is a project initiated by the Library of Congress in 2012, with the aim of replacing the current MARC21 format for cataloguing library materials. While MARC has been a reliable and effective method of managing data for libraries, it…
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How are Libraries adapting for a Generation Z audience  

But first what is Generation Z [Gen Z]?  Gen Z is defined to be those people with birth years roughly between 1995 to 2010.  Gen Z comprise of those who grew up connected to technology, practically from the moment they…
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Age-appropriate collections

Age-appropriate collections and how library management systems can help libraries achieve this

Age-appropriate library collections We recently came across an interesting article in the Washington Post about a proposal by lawmakers in the U.S. to limit title searches for students. Providing age-appropriate materials is a primary concern for librarians, educators, and parents…
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Future Library Trends

Future Library Trends – And How They Impact the Library of the Future (Trends 4 and 5)

We have talked about the democratisation of data, the formation of the ” transparent member”, Artificial Intelligence and digitisation in our previous blog posts. You can read the stories here. Trend 1: The democratisation of data – The Transparent Member…
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Future Library Trends - AI and Digitization

Future Library Trends – And How They Impact the Library of the Future (Trends 2 and 3)

Previously, we talked about the democratisation of data and the formation of the “transparent member”, presenting libraries with new challenges but also opportunities in dealing with data. You can read the story here. Trend 1: The democratisation of data –…
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