Imagine being able to open your computer and have all the answers to management’s questions. Circulation figures, popular genres, whatever you need all in the one place. Imagine no more with the Business Intelligence Dashboard soon to be included in LIBERO.

The Business Intelligence Dashboard was the focus of our Development Group for 2019. Selena Johns, our Customer Services Manager, explained to the group that the dashboard will be about providing the right data to the right people at the right time.

The dashboard will display all your required information on a single screen: clearly and without distraction in a manner that can be quickly examined and understood. Think about the cockpit of a commercial jet – the pilot is able to see what’s going on at a glance.

The dashboard will provide a first look at your data, like a snapshot. You will be able to use the dashboard for measuring, tracking and predicting performance. You’ll be able to see what is currently happening at your library on a daily, weekly and monthly bases and identify any gaps. You can use this information to identify where you can allocate budget to get the most value and gain an in-depth insight into your patrons and collection usage. You can then delve further using reports to answer any further questions you might have.

The Development Group discussed what information should be included in the dashboard and what information their Libraries use to make decisions. The results of these discussions and further discussions at the Development Group will be incorporated into the dashboard so it will answer questions that Libraries have today, allowing them to plan for tomorrow.

Business Intelligence - Circulation CountsThe dashboard will also be customisable, so every dashboard could look different from the next, but they will all provide you with the top-level information you need quickly.

The Business Intelligence dashboard will provide evidence-based information from your LIBERO data and other sources to help with your decision making.

The Business Intelligence dashboard will be coming soon to LIBERO so stay tuned for more.

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