Riverina consortia

As New South Wales’ largest library consortia prepare to switch to LIBERO Cloud, we look at how the Riverina Regional Library (RRL) has been contributing to the success of the LIBERO Library Management System (LMS), which continues to grow in popularity.

RRL includes 19 branches, serves 140,000 residents, and covers 48,000km2 with the help of its Mobile Library Service.

In the beginning there was only green

As the business world was rapidly leaping into the world of Windows, LIBERO was one of the first suppliers to adopt the new technology and take library systems to Windows.

RRL began their LIBERO journey by testing the very first Windows version of LIBERO in 1995.

Following a vigorous testing period and feedback from RRL, they went Live with LIBERO for Windows in June 1996.

In the words of MJ, “just Beta”

RRL then went on to become a Beta testing site on 12, August 1997.

The role of a LIBERO Beta site is to test new functionality, features, and processes before it is released to every other customer.

Basically, the system you use every day, wouldn’t have been the same without the Beta test sites. RRL provided a vigorous testing programme that was instrumental in maintaining the quality of our product.

RRL for example, was the first to take test the Peter Pal API that LIBERO uses to search catalogues and simultaneously download records from Libraries Australia. That API is still being used today.

Up in the cloud

With LIBERO’s Unit Testing feature eliminating virtually any issues, LIBERO Cloud no longer requires such rigorous Beta testing, so as RRL prepare for its transition up in to the cloud, their time as testers is now over.

RRL are looking forward to the new era of LIBERO with all the benefits that the CLOUD brings.

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