To better serve our German LIBERO customer base and the German library market, we are pleased to announce the establishment of LIBERO IS GmbH (LIBERO Information Systems) in Germany. This will give German library sites the option to contract directly with our German company should it be required. The ability to engage directly with Insight Informatics Pty. Ltd. (Australia) also remains an option.

“Although LIBERO’s headquarters are in Australia, our staff is decentralised and also present in the EU which allows us to better serve the German libraries,” said Sam Patane, Managing Director of LIBERO.

“We are excited to have the opportunity to bring our existing German customer base closer to the ongoing development of LIBERO through direct channels to our development team. Initiatives such as our user groups will allow our German clients to bring their voices into R&D. Additionally, our exclusive customer exchange portal will enable libraries to access information on products and services in a single, centralised location,“ continued Sam.

The launch of LIBERO IS GmbH allows the company to establish a German email domain, FTP services for local download of maintenance releases, updates and upgrades and soon to come LIBERO Cloud hosted infrastructure within Germany to guarantee data security and EU legislative compliance.

For any questions on our data practices, you can contact us at or

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