satisfaction survey

“Amazing and prompt service, staff are always available to provide the very best service and guidance”

If an issue arises, the LIBERO Support Team is quick to respond and assist. Customers have clearly shown their satisfaction with a 100% satisfaction rating achievement.

LIBERO’s Support Team consists of Librarians, ex-LIBERO Customers, and Customer Service Specialists, backed up with responsive Development and Project Teams.

“The strong and close-knit support team that we have at Insight looking after LIBERO is totally customer focused and determined to provide a superior service,” said Customer Service Manager, Selena Johns.

“Our development team is always quick to assist with any urgent issues.”

This led to customers leaving comments such as:

“Exactly what I needed to know”

“You were straight onto my issue with helpful suggestions and a solution was mutually arrived at”, and

“Clear and simply effective support. Thanks.”

Selena has also noticed a drop in the amount of time and support needed on an individual customer basis, thanks to customers upgrading to LIBERO Cloud.

“LIBERO Cloud allows the Support Team to fix the issue immediately – no down time, just a phone call or email through Customer Exchange.”

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