Age-appropriate collections

Age-appropriate library collections

We recently came across an interesting article in the Washington Post about a proposal by lawmakers in the U.S. to limit title searches for students. Providing age-appropriate materials is a primary concern for librarians, educators, and parents and with the recent proposal by U.S. lawmakers, it is once again coming into focus for many libraries. Appropriateness can often be a subjective judgement that is different in every school, library system, and community.

Did you know that Libero already gives libraries the ability to hide titles from a search and have an age limit on collections to borrow? Libero lets you restrict access to collections by age and hides specific titles from collections. Borrowing of materials can be limited to those in children’s collections.

Most flexible library management solutions on the market

Knosys’ Libero is one of the most flexible library management solutions on the market. We provide a cloud-based solution that caters to providing a compelling, integrated and innovative solution by centralising everything that’s important to libraries and their patrons.

We are Open.

Libero is open for integration. Libero bridges the gap between your patrons and your many materials by connecting electronic databases and other e-resources to your library catalogue.

We deliver information and services that are intelligent, personalised and relevant. ​

From managing core library data, including members, collections and digital assets,​ to supporting the delivery of innovative and engaging library services, Libero brings all your information and services together in a single system.

We empower libraries to make smart connections.

Discovery functionalities and browsing of library services and resources enrich the user experience. Incremental updates and innovations allow libraries to adapt and evolve.

Find out more about what Libero can do for your library today. Get in touch with us!

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