ALIA’s Access 2010 Conference will showcase the latest web-based version of LIBERO, Version 6 in Brisbane next month.

Delegates will have opportunity to review industry-leading functionality currently being rolled out to Public, Corporate and Academic libraries nation-wide. A bold new interface and features including LIBERO’s eMessaging Module, ‘Deep Links’ with the National Library of Australia’s Trove Search and Web 2.0 services will be on display at the exhibition throughout the conference.

Hosted in LIBERO’s head office home town Brisbane, ALIA’s Access Conference is set to attract professionals from all library sectors, including some of LIBERO’s 130-plus public libraries across the nation and LIBERO’s Brisbane-based service team.

“The response to LIBERO Version 6 has been fantastic,” said LIBERO’s Ben Cronin. “We’ve worked hard to balance features, management trends and useability to come up with an industry-leading solution that is still accessible to libraries of all size and specialisation,”

“One of the latest developments made in collaboration with suppliers and libraries has been the ‘Shelf-Ready Acquisitions’ feature, which really I’m keen to show off at the event.”

LIBERO Version 6 integrates with library ordering and Supplier processes to automate the acquisitions and cataloguing process beyond conventional LMS. LIBERO Shelf Ready Acquisitions facilitates a ‘profiled ordering’ process defined between a library and its Supplier, completely removing manual ordering, cataloguing and system updates for library staff.

“This functionality means items are ‘shelf ready’ upon delivery from the Supplier: all ordering, barcoding, covering, budget adjustments, cataloguing and system updates are seamlessly managed by LIBERO and the Supplier without intervention from the team in the library,” he said.

LIBERO Version 6 also offers a brand new interface and range of Web 2.0 features to encourage interaction with library services, fellow library members, organisations and resources. Advanced search and cataloguing features optimise useability for staff and library users.

Developed by an Australian specialist in library software, LIBERO currently supports more than 450 libraries worldwide, including 130 Australian public libraries. The solution, refined for a range of library sectors is also available as a hosted or managed service and used by Academic, Special and Public libraries of all size

LIBERO will be exhibited at Booth 2 at ALIA Access 2010. To pre-book a demonstration at the event, contact Ben Cronin before Friday, August 27:

P: 07 3356 3631

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