version 6, Aachen Library Union (Germany) upgrade to LIBERO Version 6


 Congratulations Aachen Library Union on upgrading
to LIBERO Version 6

In 1999 distributor LIB-IT supplied the integrated library management system LIBERO for the Library Union in the region of Aachen, Germany. This library union is a voluntary association of public libraries, museum libraries and archive libraries.

Here’s a quote regarding the upgrade:

“So far, the Library Management System LIBERO V5.5 ensured a stable system usage for eleven libraries in the Aachen region. However, growing demands and needs of the system made a change necessary – both technically and in content.”

“But why the change to LIBERO V6? In order to meet the new technical and functional requirements of a software library! For the technologically retargeted software is provided web based following the current trend. In addition, the installation of new operating systems and database versions and new updates from version 6.2.4 is significantly simplified with (Auto-Installer). Also could the program version LIBERO V6 new demands of library users, the integration of mobile devices and social networks (Twitter, Facebook & Co.) and the use of QR codes can be realized.”

You can read more about the history of the Aachen Union and LIBERO here: Aachen Library Union (Germany)




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