The New South Wales Farmers Association is migrating to the web-based version of Libero, Version 6.

NSW Farmers Upgrade to Libero Version 6

March, Sydney, Australia

The New South Wales Farmers Association is migrating to the web-based version of Libero, Version 6.

The Sydney-based organisation originally implemented Libero in 1998 to manage information resources for
staff and representatives of 20 different committees state-wide.

The Version 6 upgrade provides New South Wales Farmers’ a brand new, web-based interface that includes
search toggles, customisable menus and hyperlinked navigation, an online user portal and self-management
facilities for users.

The latest generation of Libero has been completely re-built to deliver many features refined by Libero users
over the past 25 years via an innovative interface and technology that can deliver new services and web 2.0

Designed to be the most dynamic web-based system on the market, Libero Version 6 also provides
unsurpassed functionality, customisation and integration options. This enables libraries and organisations to
individualise information management services and easily respond to new service requirements.

“Innovative Open URL functionality allows sites to apply their own business rules to easily control
interoperable links between Libero and multiple external systems and suppliers required to service
customers,” said Libero’s Ben Cronin.

“This level of interoperability offers incredible flexibility and value– this means customers can continue to use,
or select any number of library management tools and integrate them with Libero to maximise services for

“For example, Libero works seamlessly with a range of RFID suppliers and subscription services that offer
different functional and price advantages to our customers. This interoperability means libraries can continue
to use existing systems, such as scanning devices, financial management and reporting tools and use them
with Libero to maximise the investment already made in these systems,” he said.

Libraries currently use Libero with a range of library management tools and resources, including Federated
search tools, self-check systems and a variety of catalogue enrichment tools, including Library Elf,
LibraryThing for Libraries and Overdrive and RFID systems from 3M, FE Technologies and Bibliotheca.

“Version 6 is the future focus for Libero at Insight. We will continue to work in consultation with the
international client base to prioritise development work on features that will keep Libero Libraries at the
forefront of developments in technology and allow our customers to continue to lead the library and
information management industry,” said Founder and Director of Insight Informatics, Sam Patane.

Libero Version 6 will continue to be rolled out to new sites and existing customers throughout the year. An
International release of Version 6 is scheduled to be rolled as the language translations component is

For more information on Libero, Libero Uno and Version 6, contact Ben Cronin at Insight.
P: +61 7 3356 3631 or E:

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