Representatives from 135-plus Australian Libraries will gather at the national LIBERO User Group 2010 in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales next month.

The annual two-day forum provides libraries from across the country opportunity to share and review different ways the LIBERO management solution is used at organisations of all size and specialisation.

“The User Group is regularly identified as one of the key benefits of LIBERO by our customers,” said LIBERO’s founder, Sam Patane.

“It provides customers opportunity to talk with industry peers, experienced users and LIBERO representatives to enhance product knowledge, provide feedback and find new ways to use the system to its full potential.”
“The event also provides users opportunity to directly contribute to the LIBERO development schedule, identify priorities and new system features.”

“This process of collaboration and level of customer involvement in the product is something we pride ourselves upon and, I believe, a key point of difference when comparing LIBERO with library management alternatives,” he said.

The event programme includes customer case studies – a review of key technology projects such as the implementation of RFID technologies or the application of new LIBERO features. Customers showcase library service achievements and review the LIBERO Product Roadmap, corporate achievements and new features presentations from LIBERO staff.

The event features Development Discussions, in which users have the opportunity to bring forward their product development priorities which are subsequently ranked and tabled for consideration.

This year’s User Group host, Riverina Regional Library is an organisation of 14 libraries across south-west New South Wales. The library credits LIBERO with the success of a range of initiatives, including the implementation of online services since selecting the solution in 1996.

“Working together with LIBERO’s team, we’ve been able to implement a number of major projects, new services and growth without any concern for the stability of the system over 14 years,” said Coordinator of Library Information Technology Services at Riverina Regional Library, Brian Plummer.

“The User Group is a wonderful opportunity for the products users and creators to get together and share knowledge. There is a great feeling of camaraderie amongst the Users. Smaller users also appreciate the feeling of ownership, involvement and equality the forum engenders,” he said.

LIBERO User Group 2010 will be attended by more than 50 users from LIBERO Libraries, including 137 public library branches and a diversity of Academic and Special Libraries among the national client base.

“Each year I look forward to the User Group,” said Sam Patane. “The event provides valuable networking and strategic planning opportunities for all attendees and a chance to gain feedback and market research for the LIBERO team – paving the way for us to be directly involved in the technology strategy of every customer.”

“User Group is a fantastic way for LIBERO and our libraries to achieve strategic objectives,” he said.

The LIBERO User Group 2010 will be held September 9-10 in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales and is open to all libraries using the LIBERO library management solution.

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