Friendship, A friendship worth keeping

In the 1980s, when the world was wrapped up in mix tapes and Back to the Future, a conversation took place that began a friendship that has now spanned over three decades.

A young(er), slightly more fresh-faced Developer, Sam Patane of Insight Informatics (Insight) visited Mid North Coast Library Services (MNC) to discuss a code that would be the backbone of what we now call, LIBERO.

The 80’s – Where it all began…

The 80s introduced us to a digital world, and although that world was limited to the colour green, it didn’t stop Insight from designing and creating a circulation system that meant MNC could wave goodbye to its “card system.”

The system was basic; it handled authors, titles, stock numbers, loans, returns, and overdue items, and it was revolutionary in its day.  The library staff were delighted at being able to quickly, easily and efficiently manage circulation.

The system developed quickly with cataloguing and features that handled remote libraries spread over great distances with multi-user functionality.

At this time, the system was still nameless and was known as INSIGHT Library System.

The 90’s – The Bill Gates era

Bill Gates swept the 90’s business and homeworld in a huge way. The business world became reliant on the Windows platform, which was the same for MNC.

Insight predicted this trend, developed what was INSIGHT Library System into a fully Windows-developed application, and rebirthed it as LIBERO.

The 90s also brought the first stages of the Internet. So as LIBERO was born, so was the acclaimed WebOPAC, giving library users an easy, online library catalogue.

The 00’s – Surviving the “Y2K” and the www.

LIBERO continued to expand through the early naughties. MNC was growing too, and so did its library system. MNC upgraded to LIBERO V5, and then V6, which was released as a full web version and moved away from installed applications.

MNC and LIBERO on cloud nine

Recently, MNC agreed to move to LIBERO’s hosted solution, LIBERO Cloud, and will move forward with peace of mind that industry experts will take care of its library resources.

Not only will they keep them secure, but continually to upgrade their system automatically. No downtime, no issues, no waiting for the best features.

LIBERO Cloud provides the latest most up-to-date technology, delivered in Australian Government-approved servers and tightly managed by LIBERO’s technical team.  And MNC continue to be safe and sound.

Friendship, A friendship worth keeping
Library Manager, Jim Maguire showing LIBERO Director, Vee Patane that their creative ambition still remains with the Imaginarium studio at Port Macquarie Library
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