cloud Library Management System, 7 Reasons for Choosing a Library Management System in the cloud

Many libraries have a cloud-first or cloud-preferred strategy in place. Because of this deploying a cloud Library Management System [LMS] has become increasingly popular in recent years. Running an LMS like Libero in the cloud has several advantages over on-premise. This blog explains the top reasons for proceeding with a cloud deployment for your LMS. 

Key reasons why libraries should consider a cloud Library Management System 

Scalability & Reliability 

A cloud Library Management System can easily scale to accommodate the growing needs of libraries without requiring additional hardware or software purchases. This is particularly beneficial for libraries with fluctuating user bases or rapidly expanding collections. Scalability is also often combined with high availability and fault tolerance, which ensures your LMS will be operational when you need it most.  


A cloud Library Management System typically has lower upfront costs and ongoing maintenance fees compared to on-premises systems. This is because your software supplier is responsible for hosting, maintaining, and upgrading the software, which eliminates the need for your library to invest in hardware, software licenses, and reduces the strain on your IT team. 

“Since we have moved to the cloud environment that has been a big boost, we have no technical problems whatsoever. The IT staff at the council love it, the fact that they don’t have an involvement”

Waverley Library

Access from anywhere 

A cloud Library Management System provides 24/7 access from anywhere with an internet connection. This allows library staff and members to access library resources and services from their desktops, laptops, tablets, or smartphones, regardless of their location. Cloud Library Management Systems enable remote staff members to access library data and perform their duties from, this improves flexibility and enables libraries to operate more efficiently with a smaller on-site staff. 

Data security 

A cloud Library Management System is hosted on secure servers that employ robust data encryption and access controls to protect sensitive library data. This ensures that a member’s information, bibliographic records, and other valuable assets are safeguarded from unauthorised access. 

One benefit to using SaaS applications in the cloud is that, at a very base level, the data centres meet a wide array of security and compliance programs which most organisation’s data centres or server rooms don’t. Libero Cloud has the strictest physical data security standards and fulfils the strictest privacy regulations, complying with the Australian Privacy Act and the GDPR in the EU. Libero Cloud automatically generates and retains nightly backups up to 1 month and weekly backups of the last 12 months for all its hosted libraries. Each night, all backups, not just the most recent, are safely replicated in a data centre operated by a different provider. 


A cloud Library Management System will automate many routine library tasks, such as circulation, acquisitions, cataloging, and reporting. This frees up staff time to focus on more strategic initiatives and improve customer service. 

The biggest gain for our library service with moving to the cloud is that we gain precious time. In not needing to prioritise and fit in upgrades around other workflow and tasks, we can spend our time on updating settings and functionality to ensure the software meets the library’s needs

Richmond-Upper Clarence Regional Library 


A cloud Library Management System can easily integrate with other library systems.  Integrating e-resources into a library is a crucial aspect of modernising library services and meeting the changing needs of users who increasingly rely on digital content. Libero integrates with several partners who provide web-based resources. 


Cloud Library Management System vendors typically provide comprehensive support services, including technical assistance, training, and upgrades. This ensures that libraries have the resources they need to get the most out of their LMS and resolve any issues promptly. 

“Being cloud based makes it easier with any issues as support staff can easily login to our system to see what the problem might be”

Mid North Coast Co-operative

In summary, a cloud Library Management System will offer a compelling set of benefits that can significantly enhance library operations and overall service delivery. Libraries that are looking to modernise their operations, improve efficiency, and provide enhanced access to library resources should seriously consider adopting a cloud Library Management System. 

Libero Cloud allows you to focus on your community and members. We maintain your Libero system and mitigate potential risks and physical disruption that can affect your service. All updates are immediately installed with no downtime. Fixes and enhancements are made and installed without the need for local visits or expensive shutdowns. 

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