LIBERO Development

We’ve made a bundle of upgrades that help with the user’s day to day experience

LIBERO is a unique Library Management System. Why, you ask? Because it was made by librarians, for libraries – and this is still the core value of your LIBERO product.

When you join our LIBERO community, you become part of our LIBERO development team that helps the platform develop into the product you want it to be.

And we don’t just mean the customisable options in your WebOPAC or branding features. We mean from minor bug fixes, to the inclusion of new features, such as relevance search and additional e-Community options, to name a few.

Why do we do it?

To make a user experience like no other.

Functionality is everything to us, ensuring that your library users access the resources they want and need, and be easily maintained by your staff.

If the backend doesn’t work properly, you can’t just cover it up with a colourful user face.

And it couldn’t be easier to get involved

Once you become a LIBERO user, you have direct access to the customer service team through the LIBERO customer login. Customer Services then work closely with the development team to achieve the desired outcomes.

We also support two annual user events: The Development Group and User Group. These events are attended by Australian users, workshopping new innovative ideas, as well as learning about new updates from the LIBERO team.

2017 has been a busy year

So far, customer requests have included a bundle of upgrades that help with the user’s day to day experience such as:

Exporting tools

LIBERO users can now use a file of RSN’s (Record Serial Numbers) to export MARC21 Records – much easier than entering ranges or individual RSN’s.

WebOPAC Updates

For libraries that wish to verify changes to Member Records prior to update, all additional fields that can be included on the Online Re-Registration and Member Details forms can now be checked before update of the records.

Keeping up with legislation

An additional Gender option for “Not Stated” is now available on the Member Record.  This now complies with government guidelines.

e-Messaging of Courtesy Reminders

e-Messaging of Courtesy Reminders is part of our e-Community feature, and  now includes the Call Number details – making it easier to trace the item.

SMS Messaging

Development has been done to use Oxygen8 as an SMS Provider for our e-Messaging functions – this gives libraries an additional option when choosing their provider.

Interlibrary Loans Outgoing Requests

It is now possible to use the standard Loan Periods parameter for calculation of the due date for Interlibrary Loan items – making it easier for staff to control the resources.


Low disk space notifications now show in the Dashboard Application Toolbars when your disk space falls below 10% – allowing you to act before you run out!!

Let’s have a chat

To speak to a member of the team, call us on (07) 3356 3631 or email via

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