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Embedding multimedia into WebOPAC, WebOPAC for Facebook, WebOPAC weblinks and picture catalogue, and Homepage widgets

With a Library Management System that is jam packed with features, it’s easy to miss some of the unique ways LIBERO can improve your online accessibility and image.

So, I sat down with our development and support teams and asked; what are the coolest, most underutilised, easy to install features that LIBERO offers as part of the package?

Here is what I found:

1.    Embedding multimedia files into your WebOPAC

Do you have videos to support your library resources or produce your own media like podcasts, author talks and event photographs? Online streaming services like YouTube, SoundCloud, and Flickr can be embedded into your information pages to make them stand out with videos, images, or sound formats.

LIBERO Customer, Australian Sports Commission, has taken full advantage of this with their own YouTube video collection: Kids Talk Sport.

kids talk sport - youtube


Find out more about this topic by searching ‘Cataloguing YouTube Video Clips’ in our Online Help

2.    Social media integration

Library users can search your WebOPAC from your Facebook page

Facebook pages work almost like a free, second website. So, why not make it work like your website by having your online resources accessible for your users and page followers?

LIBERO can do just that by creating a section of your Facebook page that makes all your online resources accessible in Facebook.

Watch this video:


Or contact us for more information

“Add this’” functionality

Social media buttons / “Add this” buttons can be added to all your pages, making it super easy to promote your items through social media.

Social media

Now this is nothing new, I’m not saying LIBERO has invented the wheel here, we see them on every news page your read. But, if you’re library is not using them, you’re missing a trick.

For example, once you click the twitter logo, it creates a great marketing post with a link to the item page you want to share straight to your twitter feed. It can be used to advertise your resources like: New items this week, Top reserve of the week.

Find out more about this topic by searching ‘Add This Bookmarking and Sharing’ in our Online Help

3.    Customize your WebOPAC


Anyone with access to parameters can create a side menu that adds up to 10 different webpages and direct users to places like eBook vendors, local history area, social media, google, and collection lists like DVDs.

Tenterfield is a great example of using weblinks, with DVD’s, Bolinda Digital, State Library, all one click away in a useful menu.

Tenterfield - web links

Find out more about this topic by searching ‘Menu Links tab’ in the Online Help


Read the LIBERO Support Article


Picture Catalogue

Make a more visually appealing catalogue with pictures and limit results in your catalogue by key word / title / subject or series.

For example; a school library can break down into subject or age group. Check out how these libraries have done it.

premier's reading challenge

ONLINE HELP:  Search ‘Picture Catalogues’ in the Online Help

Or contact us.

4.    Member login boxes and search widgets on any page

Embed your catalogue search into any website that works like a newsletter sign up form on the home page of your website.

It can be applied to any webpage you have access to like council home pages, making it easy for people to access your online catalogue.

Western Riverina is using his feature in several ways: for member login, catalogue search and uno.



If you want further assistance on any of these function, do not hesitate to contact the LIBERO Support team today.

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