4 Reasons for choosing a cloud-based library management system

Researching a new library management system and wondering whether to go for a cloud or an on-premise environment? Many libraries have a cloud-first or cloud-preferred strategy in place, though what this means between libraries can vary greatly. Running an LMS like Libero in the cloud has several advantages over on-premise. This post explains the top reasons for progressing with a cloud deployment.


Everyone wishes they had more time in their day! One of the biggest advantages a cloud solution holds over on-premise is the amount of time it takes to get started – SaaS applications in the cloud can be up and running within a matter of hours. This differs from on-premise where you may need to purchase and deploy physical hardware, or at the very least provision and configure a virtual environment for software installation – potentially weeks of time before getting started!


Most cloud applications are built on an environment that is designed to be scalable, this is because they expect over time, they will add more customers to their application. Scalability is also often combined with high availability and fault tolerance, which ensures your LMS will be operational when you need it most. Comparing this to on-premise – as your collection grows you would generally need to purchase more hardware or increase resources which often results in downtime. There are also unplanned server outages which can cause all kinds of disruption.

Cloud applications are inherently accessible as they are built to be available from anywhere. As libraries change and become more flexible, it’s not uncommon for staff to work remotely. Library staff may need to access the LMS on desktops or mobile devices – no matter where they are. With on-premise solutions, this can be difficult (or even impossible) due to all kinds of restrictions – internet bandwidth, the infrastructure required – the list goes on.

Security and Compliance

One of the most important questions we get asked is around security and compliance of data. One benefit to using SaaS applications in the cloud – especially when the vendor is built on a provider like AWS – is that, at a very base level, the data centres meet a wide array of security and compliance programs which most organisation’s data centres or server rooms don’t. Libero Cloud has the strictest physical data security standards and fulfils the strictest privacy regulations, complying with the Australian Privacy Act and the GDPR in the EU. Libero Cloud automatically generates and retains nightly backups of the last 12 months for all its hosted libraries. Each night, all backups, not just the most recent, are safely replicated in a data centre operated by a different provider. With Libero, your data is safe!


At the very least your chosen on-premise LMS will generally cost more to purchase or license from your chosen provider as it will usually take more time to build, support and deliver.

Other indirect costs come from:

  • Hardware for running your LMS.
  • Software licenses (such as Windows and SQL server)
  • Time taken for IT to maintain all the required components.
  • Because a cloud application cuts out multiple people and components, it costs less to operate in the long run.

“Since we have moved to the cloud environment that has been a big boost, we have no technical problems whatsoever. The IT staff at the council love it, the fact that they don’t have any involvement” Waverley Library.

Libero Cloud allows you to focus on your community and patrons. We maintain your Libero system and mitigate potential risks and physical disruption that can affect your service. All updates are immediately installed with no downtime. Fixes and enhancements are made and installed without the need for local visits or expensive shutdowns.

Interested in discovering more about how Libero can deliver a cloud based LMS for your library? Get in touch with our team of experts to book a consultation.

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