UNO Discovery

Delivering fully-integrated, real-time library management solutions.

UNO Discovery is a stand-alone discovery layer that provides a single ‘Google-like’ search for all your content, in all catalogues no matter the format or even the location.

UNO Discovery

UNO connects library clients to not only your catalogue but to other libraries, catalogue databases, and collections. Accessing eBooks, images, traditional items, multimedia and more. UNO works with any library management system, any database and any library to:

  • Unlock the value in your collections
  • Maximise the discoverability of content
  • Realise investments in existing systems
  • Promote user-friendly, mobile discovery

We will also customise your UNO discovery interface and provide all hosting, network and upgrade services, delivering new features as soon as they’re available.

Harvesting, relevancy and authentication is all managed by UNO to provide direct access to items as the user’s membership allows.

  • ‘Search Libraries Nearby’ option
  • ‘Select to Search’
  • UNO centralised index feature – the more it’s used the smarter and faster it gets!
  • Simultaneously harvest all resources
  • Mobile discovery via any web-enabled device

“We want to ensure Libero remains one of the most functional solutions available to Australia’s libraries. The implementation of Uno will help our customers continue to deliver library best practice and leading service standards. That requires an industry leading solution – and that’s what I always aim to provide with Libero,” said Libero’s Founder, Sam Patane.

Unlike Libero, most LMS do not offer a fully integrated federated search function. Libraries in need of the functionality usually require a third-party system, introducing additional software integration, maintenance and cost considerations for the library system.

We build solutions to enhance library & information services – not to sell database materials but to provide relevant results for your library users.

LIBERO delivering fully-integrated, real-time library management solutions.

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