Delivering fully-integrated, real-time library management solutions.

Whether they be the information expert or the first-time user, your library staff and members will find the information they need quickly and easily with LIBERO’s WebOPAC.

LIBERO Library Management System

Flexibility & Control

With the LIBERO WebOpac Members will enjoy a variety of ways to access the catalogue while staff will have easy management over library services, features and content to suit the needs of their members.

Library staff have ultimate control over the presentation of information and services available in the WebOPAC. LIBERO allows you to personalise your interface to match corporate branding, include cover images, fonts, colours and menu structures to maximise appeal to your library user. Apply different style sheets to separate databases and configure settings to control access to features, services and content such as RSS feeds, online book sellers and self-circulation services available in LIBERO.

Library Software Solutions

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Individualise services & maximise usability

Crisp, clean and easy to use, the interface presents innovative search and browse options, including ability to browse by tags, similar books, popular searches.

Integration with a range of library management tools and enrichment services allow LIBERO Libraries to individualise services to engage members.

Easily recognised web-based conventions make LIBERO easy to use. Search toggles, customisable menus and efficient hyperlinked navigation connect users to content. Including digital resources, physical material and electronic databases.

Full Unicode compliance enables multi-lingual WebOPACs: staff can perform cataloguing and members can search materials in roman and non-roman scripts throughout LIBERO.

Personalised Services for all Members

LIBERO’s web-based technology and online services maximise your accessibility and ability to service members.

An online self-registration feature facilitates new membership and circulation statistics whilst reducing administration requirements and staff workload.

Some of LIBERO’s WebOpac features include:

  • Integrated, web-based access
  • Search multiple libraries,catalogues, collections
  • Multi-lingual functionality
  • Intuitive navigation, user features
  • Customisable interface
  • Unified access to any resource
  • RSS, Email, SMS functionality
  • Online Member Services
  • Suggested Purchase Form
  • OpenURL support
  • Multiple integration options
  • Self-Check functionality
  • Reviews & Ratings Tools
  • Customised record display