Delivering fully-integrated, real-time library management solutions.

LIBERO’s suite of fully-integrated modules deliver all resources required to maximise your staff productivity, customer satisfaction and deliver value to your library users.


LIBERO’s WebServices API integrates your preferred third-party products and services to centralise all management functions and content, and maximise the library’s dynamic; implement new services, facilitate changes in strategy and leverage technological opportunities as they arise.

Supported by an attentive team of experts, you’ll enjoy the simplicity of a total solution with all the experience, refinement and flexibility required to satisfy your library management challenges with LIBERO.

LIBERO delivering fully-integrated, real-time library management solutions.

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LIBERO features facilitate industry best-practice, dynamism and creativity in library management.

  • Traditional MARC Editor & fully-automated ‘Shelf Ready Acquisitions’
  • SIP2 Support, Open URL Technology
  • Unique Resource Sharing Tools & ILL
  • Customisable Discovery Layer & Simple Search
  • Unicode Compliance & Multilingual functionality
  • Dynamic Reporting Tools & Collections Intelligence
  • LIBERO WebServices
  • Integrated Discovery, Mobility and Electronic Resource Management tools, digital content, and social media platforms

Some of LIBERO’s great features include:

  • Customisable Discovery (UNO)
  • 2.0 WebOPAC
  • ERM Functionality
  • SMS, Email, RSS integration
  • Content enrichment suite
  • Integrated eBook Suppliers, RFID, Subscriptions
  • Integrated Crystal Reports
  • SIP2, WebServices Integration
  • Customisable workflows
  • Precise bulk-update functions
  • Collection intelligence tools
  • Unique resource sharing solutions
  • Flexible deployment options

LIBERO LMS – Core Modules


With full integration to LIBERO Cataloguing, Budgeting and Authorities Modules, staff can use LIBERO to centralise acquisitions processes. Functionality specialised for libraries makes it easy to strategically plan for new items to optimise the collection, cash flow and customer satisfaction across multiple branches.


Management staff can use LIBERO Authorities functionality to selectively provide features, limitations and permissions to different Library staff and members. This will ensure relevant and accurate information is readily available to users when searching the catalogue.


Use the LIBERO Cataloguing Module to customise search screens, configure search options, and to control the way results are presented to maximise the discoverability of content for LIBERO users.


LIBERO Circulation functionality makes it easy to centralise, automate and manage all processes to optimise the availability of items, circulation statistics, service levels and staff productivity across multiple branches.


LIBERO Serials provides flexibility to effectively manage ad-hoc and supplementary issues as easily as you do regular periodicals. Manage individual and multiple title subscriptions, multicomponent serials or multiple copies of issues with speed and efficiency. It’s easy with LIBERO.

Interlibrary Loans

Boost Resources: Provide facilities to search external libraries and access items of temporary interest, rare or urgently required materials, for members. Selectively Share: From request submission, to receipt of items, the process is fully customisable and automated in LIBERO to minimise manual processing, or delays in ILL requests. This includes the option to charge, control over loan periods and notification processes.

Shelf-Ready Acquisitions

LIBERO Shelf-Ready Acquisitions feature integrates LIBERO Cataloguing, Library Ordering and Supplier processes to automate the order and receipt of items at a level beyond conventional library management systems.


LIBERO’s comprehensive eMessaging Module compliments existing RSS, email and alerting functionality to maximise your Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI) toolset.

LIBERO provides all the functionality to maintain precision and control over bulk messages. Easily facilitate SDI, manage bounce-backs and notifications according to member preferences.


Whether it be the information expert or the first-time user, staff of any skill, or members from any cultural background, age or information need will find what they need quickly and easily via LIBERO’s WebOPAC.


Uno is a cloud-based discovery layer that provides a single search for all your content – no matter the format, or location. Built and supported by Insight Informatics a library & information software specialist rather than a content provider, Uno is a customisable stand-alone solution. Uno Discovery is fully integrated with the LIBERO LMS and member services, but also works with other library management solutions.


Gather statistics and information on any facet of your library to identify opportunity for improvement and assist decision-making, including membership demographics and behaviour, fines & financial reports, branch and stock movement statistics.