Special Libraries

Library Management Software Solutions

Real-time workflows

Make it feel like there’s another set of hands to help manage your daily task-load.

Boost awareness, circulation and perceived value

Via RSS Feeds, SMS integration, automated New Items Lists, Library News features

Convenient for clients

Flexible delivery to the desktop, laptop and tablet devices will help you engage clients and integrate the organisation and the library.


Help is (literally) at your fingertips with LIBERO’s online client portal.

Complete discovery

Fully-integrated UNO discovery will centralise access to all content – no matter the format or location.

Only the right Library Services Platform will deliver real value

We understand your Special library service is unique. LIBERO is one of the most flexible and easy-to use solutions available to build an information service that is “fit for purpose” for you and your organisation.

Library Software for Special Libraries

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LIBERO for Special Libraries

Got to do more with less?

The LIBERO CLOUD solution for Special Libraries immediately simplifies your day and makes costs manageable. Outsource all LMS network, infrastructure and software maintenance requirements to our local product experts so you can focus on your client services.

LIBERO for Special libraries

Enhance the value of your library service

With LIBERO, you will deliver a real-time service that is convenient and satisfies the usage profile of each client. You will cut down on task-load, increase your productivity and effectively support decision-making for your organisation, too.

Easy-to-use, simple to manage and a breeze to customise, LIBERO supports the needs of hundreds of special librarians and their clients worldwide.