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Re-think the library space and support the virtual learning environment

LIBERO represents a comprehensive, fully-integrated solution to meet all eResource, discovery, library management and customer service requirements. Further: customisation options, scalability, ongoing product development and LIBERO WebServices ensure the library continues to effectively support the curriculum and the long-term strategy of your tertiary institution.

Library Software for Academic Libraries

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LIBERO for Academic Libraries

LIBERO for School Libraries


LIBERO provides all the functionality you need to simplify electronic resource management, eliminate discovery challenges and maximise your productivity, saving you time and money.

Reduced administration requirements can immediately boost staff productivity, so there is more time to focus on the services that deliver value to your learning community.

LIBERO’s integrated ERM, discovery and smart resource sharing solutions empower you and your library to simultaneously defy budget constraints and optimise the catalogue to support curricula.

Facilitate flexible learning and maximise engagement from the learning community via convenient and personalised, real-time access to services anytime, anywhere. Rich with Web2.0 Technologies, the LIBERO User Experience will drive engagement, enhance the library’s image and boost personal value for all users.

Build a collection that best reflects your institution
Maintain flexibility to manage demand
Enhance library staff productivity
Maximise the discoverability of content
Improve service awareness, convenience
Demonstrate value
Leverage smart resource-sharing options

Some of LIBERO’s great features:

– Integrated UNO discovery feature
– Customisable workflows
– ‘Search Nearby Libraries ’ discovery
– In-built Interlibrary Loans (ILL)
– Multilingual functionality
– ‘RDA-Ready’
– Integrated eResource Management (ERM)
– Tablet, Smartphone service access
– RSS Feeds, SMS, IM, Chat and Social Media integration
– Reference Services integration
– OPEN URL Technology, WebServices API
– LIBERO Shelf-Ready Acquisitions

For a sophisticated solution that will keep you ahead of the eLearning curve, and maximise the library’s value in the Virtual Learning Environment, review LIBERO for your university library today.

LIBERO for K12 Libraries

LIBERO for School Libraries

K – 12 – Schools

No matter how limited your technical capabilities or available time may be, LIBERO makes it easy for librarians to create an exciting Web2.0 learning environment that will set your school – and your students – apart.

Promote service awareness and the discoverability of content with “anytime anywhere” access to LIBERO from the laptop, tablet or smartphone – and from the library, the classroom or at home.

Web Services and SIP2 integration of content ensures the library supports today’s curriculum, providing all the digital content and facilities required to engage the wider learning community in the education of your students.

LIBERO is also accessible. LIBERO CLOUD options make implementation a breeze and cost effective for your library. Workflows refined to facilitate speedy service delivery help you to avoid shortages in time and money.

– Develop a Web2.0 learning “space”
– Extend the library’s reach and facilitate flexible learning
– Directly contribute to learning outcomes
– Coordinate the library and curricula
– Optimise time and availability to students
– Encourage life-long, self-motivated learning, curiosity and critical thinking skills
– Foster creativity, knowledge and collaboration
– Develop a better perception of the library and the librarian within the student population

Some of LIBERO’s great features:

– Multilingual functionality
– Web 2.0 feature suite
– Suitable for K-12 & multi-catalogue sites
– Customisable interface, workflows, modules
– Content enrichment integration
– Embedded ClickView materials
– Single Sign-On access to eBooks, multimedia, external libraries and content
– Automated New Item List, RSS Feeds and promo tools
– WebServices & SIP2 integration
– RFID, Z-Cataloguing
– Bulk-change options
– Parameterised Slip-printing
– Consortia support
– CLOUD options
– Local support

For a sophisticated solution that will keep you ahead of the eLearning curve, and maximise the library’s value in the Virtual Learning Environment, review LIBERO for your school library today.